Belastung, Bedürfnis & Beschäftigung - Graue Schnauze

This seminar is held in German only.

Seminar Details

Cooperation training for difficult situations

4-part workshop - Start if enough interested parties

Practically all dogs find it unpleasant when they have to have a tick removed, their hair cut or their paws dried by their owner or a stranger.
Some dogs try to escape, others react aggressively and still others are frozen as they endure the procedure.

This workshop provides participants with tools on how to perform procedures on dogs at home or at the vet without stress and in cooperation with the dog.

The workshop includes:
4 practical lessons of 45-60 minutes each

The practical lessons take place in our training hall in Mettmenstetten.

The workshop will be held from 4 registrations.
The maximum number of participants is 8 teams.

Seminar Details

Dog meets dog

6-part workshop - Start if enough interested parties

Meet and greet workshop for dog-owner teams

Many dogs no longer show natural behavior in contact with other dogs (especially on the leash). The reasons for this are complex and depend on many factors. Some dogs jump into the lead, try to come forward, bark or whine, while others try to escape. These behaviors push many dog owners to their limits and create tension for the entire team.

Perhaps you also find your dog stressful outside and would like to change this behavior? This workshop is suitable for any dog, including dogs in the middle of adolescence.

We provide theoretical and practical lessons.

Seminar Details

training with dogs with extensive hunting behaviour

5-part workshop - Start if enough interested parties

Hunting behaviour in dogs - fascination or curse?

Is it difficult for you to release your dog because you never know if he will stay with you?
Is your dog often on the ground with his nose poking around and forgetting the environment around him?
Can your dog hardly walk out the front door normally because he knows that he will meet a cat just around the corner?
Is your dog unable to respond to your call back as soon as he sees a moving object (bicycle, child, game, cat, etc.)?

Then this workshop is just the right thing for you and your dog.

In this workshop, additional activities for dogs with hunting ambitions are discussed and developed.

This workshop includes 1 days of theory and 4 days of practical training.
There is a longer break between the practical training days so that what has been learned can be implemented and trained. 

Seminar Details

NHB - Nationales Hundehalter Brevet

11-part workshop with Mischi - Start if enough interested parties

Would you like to train important everyday situations with your dog and possibly even take the National Dog Owner Brevet exam?

We are delighted to be able to offer the National Dog Owner Certificate (NBH). This goes hand in hand with the NHB exam.

What is the National Dog Owner Certificate (NBH)?

In some cantons of Switzerland, the National Dog Owner Certificate (NHB for short) is already compulsory.
This is not (yet) the case in Zurich, but we still offer the preparation course in our 11-part workshop.
Of course we can also take the exam. Exam fee incl. certificate in credit card format: CHF 250.00

The long-term goal of the NHB is to offer a standardized concept throughout Switzerland, which should be mandatory for all dog owners.

The learning objectives are things from everyday life and very versatile - so they are also very practical to master even if you do not have an NHB obligation

Seminar Details