Introduction to dummy work, part 2

Dummy training has its origins in hunting and is becoming increasingly popular as an activity for working dogs of all breeds. Situations similar to hunting are simulated and dummies are used instead of real game.

Dummy work includes other exciting training elements in addition to retrieving. It is a varied and challenging activity in which the dog can use all its senses and is mentally and physically challenged.

This seminar is aimed at dog handlers and builds on Part 1. We will continue to work on the basic elements of dummy work (basic position, steadiness, behavioural chain apport, back/stop whistle), as well as the lead-in in combination with the small search. The seminar day is also open to "career changers" with previous knowledge of dummy work.

All fetch-loving dogs regardless of breed or origin are welcome.

Learning content:

- The finer points of apport
- The issue of impulse control
- Deepening the topic of markings
- Deepening the topic of instruction
- Consolidate small search
- Combining instruction and small search
- Useful use of the blanket


Registration deadline 09.09.2022

Study goals


- Training with marker signal and positive reinforcement is known.
- Dog likes to retrieve and is familiar with the behavioural chain of retrieving.
- Dog knows the basic position on the leg
- Dog comes back on whistle / recall
- Dog knows the stop whistle
- Dog feels comfortable working in a group with other dogs
- Participants have attended the one-day seminar "Introduction to Dummy Work - Part 1" or have the corresponding basic knowledge of dummy work.

Seminar Details

target audience:

Dogs from 12 months of age who like to retrieve


8932 Mettmenstetten


with dog:

220 CHF

Without dog:

200.00 CHF

course places:

Are limited to 8 teams with dog and 8 participants without dog

course administration

Judith-Selina Keller