The dog's sense of smell - theory

The sense of smell is extremely fascinating and exciting. But the dog's nose is also extremely complex and a better understanding of it helps us on the one hand in our everyday life with the dogs and on the other hand in the different activities of nose work. 


Registration deadline 18.08.2022

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target audience:

For all who are interested


seminar is taking place in Mettmenstetten



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limited to 12 places

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Dominique Locher Sturdy

Since 2018 I have been working at frairtrain- for dog and human. In my work as a dog trainer I benefit from the fact that as a veterinary practice assistant I am able to recognize the connections and backgrounds between health and psychological well-being and behavior.

In addition to the regular courses (puppy training, young dogs and occupation) I teach mantrailing, all-in-one and work as Tellington TTouch® Practioner1. I apply my expertise especially in the field of behavior therapy, in individual coaching and in seminars. 

With my own dogs I work in mantrailing, Nadac and I am always looking for challenges in the field of occupation and nose work.