Nose work 'Focus on tracking'

The dog's nose holds many secrets for us. We are always fascinated by what dogs can achieve in search work.

In these special courses we continue to work on the different types of nose work.
Prerequisite for this course: Nose work basic course

These courses each contain 4 practical lessons.
They build on each other, so it makes sense to take part in all of them.

The courses will take place in the dog park, in our training hall or outside, depending on the location.

'Focus on...' Tracking: 17.04. / 01.05. / 15.05. / 29.05. - each Wednesday 6pm
'Focus on...' Tracking: 28.10. / 11.11. / 25.11. / 09.12. - each Monday 2pm

'Focus on...' Scent search: 23.10. / 30.10. / 20.11. / 27.11. - each Monday 2pm


Study goals

  • Getting to know different types of tracking
  • Focus on the body language of your own dog when tracking
  • Laying out and working out different tracks

  • Building up different scents
  • Developing indication behavior
  • Start with scent differentiation

Course details

target audience:

For all those who want to explore the world of nose work with their dog.


Training ground Ottenbach, training hall Mettmenstetten, surroundings Säuliamt

Lesson Costs:

40.00 CHF

Subscription costs:

120.00 CHF

course administration