young dog training

The puppies will soon develop to young teenagers. During this time we will continue to support you in mastering the now bigger challenge. During this phase you will need a lot of patience. Like a teenager, your little one will now become more independent, suddenly no longer hears as well as before and finds the opposite sex incredibly exciting.


We will help you with information to understand your dog correctly, to interpret the signals coming from him correctly and to introduce this young dog further into life by working calmly.


We run courses on a wide variety of days and times. Please feel free to contact us via the registration form so that we can find the right course for you.


Study goals

  • understanding developmental aspects of adolescence (youth development)
  • building and deepening other important signals
  • recognizing problems early and dealing with them correctly
  • deepen the communication between you and your dog

Course details

target audience:

young dogs as of approx. 16th or 18th week until 12 months


training ground Ottenbach und surroundings

Lesson Costs:

42.00 CHF

10-er Abo Kosten:

380.00 CHF