Nosework PLUS

The nose of the dog holds many secrets for us. We are always enormously fascinated by what dogs can accomplish in search work. 

In this course we will learn about the precise structure of the scent, the search of a target scent and the world of Match2Sample. 

This course includes a theory block with an enormous amount of background knowledge about the dog's nose and 9 practical lessons. 

This course will be happening in our heated traininghall in Mettmenstetten. 

Course dates: 08.02. / 22.02. / 08.03. / 22.03. / 05.04. / 03.05. /17.05. /31.05. / 14.06. / 28.06.2022 from 6 pm to 7 pm

The training takes place in our training hall where 2G certification is currently compulsory. 


learning goals

- Theory about the sense of smell of the dog

- Scent perception

- Searching for a specific odor

- Match2Sample

Course details

target audience:

For all, who want to teach the dog a great occupation


training hall in Mettmenstetten

Lesson Costs:

40.00 CHF

10-er Abo Kosten:

400.00 CHF

course administration