It is not entirely clear whether lunging for dogs was derived from equestrian sports or whether it originated from working with herding dogs. In any case, it is a very versatile and exciting activity for dogs and humans.

When lunging, the dog learns to walk around a circle. The human is inside the circle and uses distance control to get the dog to perform certain signals on the outside of the circle. As soon as the team understands what is involved, various elements from other sports are introduced (e.g. agility, tricks, retrieving, etc.).

Well-constructed lunging involves various aspects: Distance control, communication at a distance, physical and mental exercise, attention training, variety for humans and dogs, promoting team bonding and much more. It is a great activity for dogs that love to run and work on sight.

Lunging is also particularly suitable for young dogs in the adolescent phase who would like to get rid of their energy but are prevented from doing so by the lead.

This course takes place on Thursdays at 10am and starting 22.4. also Monday at 7.30pm.


Study goals

  • Running around the circle
  • Target Structure
  • Distance signals
  • Walking, running, running, stopping
  • and much more...

Course details

target audience:

all dog-human teams who would like to have a meaningful activity. Dogs from 8 months


training ground Ottenbach

Lesson Costs:

38.00 CHF

Subscription costs:

370.00 CHF

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