Puppy training

Discover the world, learn new things and build trust. The puppy is torn out of a world familiar to him and comes to you, a world completely unknown to him and new. He has to learn an incredible amount and process an enormous number of impressions. It is important that the little four-legged friend is not overwhelmed and overtaxed by all the new things to learn. We show you how to build up trust in your puppy. You learn how to introduce your new friend to the new world in a healthy way and we also build up the first everyday signals. The practical training is supported by theory blocks to understand the behaviour and learning process of dogs in depth. 


We keep the groups intentionally very small (2 - 4 teams) so that each team can learn at their own pace and we have time for you and your puppy. We also do individual training on request. The game units between the dogs are short, because the dogs forget themselves during the game and unfortunately it often comes to physical and mental overstrain. The learning effect then becomes negative, which we absolutely want to avoid.


We will accompany you during this time, give you advice and show you how to learn the basics for a healthy development with your little furry nose in a balance between action and rest.


We run courses on a wide variety of days and times. Please feel free to contact us via the registration form so that we can find the right course for you.


Study goals

  • communication of the body language
  • phases of fear – recognize them and manage accordingly
  • socialisation - with other puppies, elder dogs and othe animals
  • integration of the puppy in out "human" everyday life
  • ideal equipment for your puppy
  • set boundaries
  • building first signals
  • avoid excessive demands or subchallenge
  • relaxation
  • mental stimulation 
  • care and handling

Course details

target audience:

as of the 9th or 10th week


training ground Ottenbach and surroundings

Lesson Costs:

45.00 CHF

Subscription costs:

420.00 CHF