Welcome to FairTrain

Would you like to buy a dog, but have a lot of questions about this topic?

Are you looking for dog trainers who are able to offer you a practical training for everyday life or show you means and ways to occupy your dog in a sensible way?

Your dog shows a peculiarity in its behaviour and you are not quite sure how to deal with it?


We offer exactly these services in order to answer all your questions and help you lead a great and fun life with your dog for the next 10 to 15 years. We are eager to show you ways of how to become a team with your dog while never forgetting that your dog is a dog.

Please find below a list of the courses we are offering.

Advice before buying a dog

We can help you with answering the following questions: how to include your dog into your daily routine, should it be a pure breed or a mutt, where from would you like to buy a dog, should it be a puppy or an adult dog, a female or a male, etc.

Compulsory courses

(FVO-BVET, Sachkundenachweis)

As from the 1st of September 2008 you are held to enroll in a theoretical course before buying dog. You will then have to follow a practical course once you have a dog. If you already have or had a dog, you will have to only follow the practical training.

Our trainers are authorized from the FVO-BVET (federal veterinary office) to teach these courses.

Puppy classes

The first few months are probably the most important in the life of a dog. The puppy has to learn a lot but it is essential that we do not overburden the dog by teaching him too much. We have to be careful not to flood our dog with stimuli of our world. The main focus will be to work on trust and confidence between you and your puppy.


We will also support you with theoretical knowledge on how your dog learns, how it can become a good social partner to you, how you can learn to read its signals and with what means you can occupy your puppy using the necessary balance between action and pause.


The puppies will follow two groups, a small puppy and a big puppy group.

Then the dogs will be able to change into the youngster group.

Youngster group

You will be further supported in this difficult time your youngster is going through. Your patience will be crucial during this time, but we will help you to understand the development, to read the signals of your dog correctly and how you can further introduce your dog with calm work into the world.

All-day training

This training will give you an insight on how to have your dog deal with the daily challenges of life without stressing the dog and help you lead a happy life with your dog in a more and more complicated society.

Fun, brain- and nose work

You would like to learn some tricks, have your dog use its brain and do some nose work? This course is ideal for people who are looking for ways to have their dog meaningfully occupied.

Dogs and kids

Kids usually have an easy way with dogs, yet they have to learn where the limits are. This course will teach them ways of having fun with their dog without exposing the dog to stress. Kids will learn to read their dog.

Senior dogs

Some people believe that old dogs should not be overburdened anymore and somehow these dogs are a bit forgotten. This course is meant for dogs of an age of approximately 8 years and older. You will see how young your dog still can be!

Private lessons

Do not hesitate to book some private lessons. You or your dog might feel uncomfortable in a group. Maybe your dog shows signs of stress and has to have a few private lessons instead or you as a team are overburdened with the situation of group training. You can change from private lessons to group lessons at any time.

Behaviourism problem

Living together with more and more people and dogs in a small world is getting increasingly difficult. Often there are several individual factors, which lead to a behaviour problem in a dog. Maybe the dog is from an animal shelter and its history is not known but the dog shows a behaviour problem.


We distinguish between a problem behaviour that can be solved with an educational course or a behaviour problem where we have to work out a therapy for you and your dog. For the latter we make an analysis and with the help of a training plan we will help you to resolve the issue(s). It is absolutely essential that you are ready to be patient and work most probably for a longer time on a problem in order to resolve it or at least lead a less stressed life. We cannot give any guarantees for a successful treatment/problem solving!


We hope to have given you an insight into our offer and are looking forward to welcoming you to one of our courses.


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